Holistic Dentistry

What Is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic medicine puts the focus on treatments and solutions that will benefit the entire body. A holistic dentist focuses on helping you get a healthy smile using treatments that are good for your overall health, and that may include:

  • Using biocompatible materials in your mouth
  • A commitment to mercury-free dental fillings and devices
  • Exploring nutritional and dietary changes for better dental health
  • Preventative dentistry to help avoid the need for major treatments or surgeries
  • Seeking non-invasive solutions to avoid surgery whenever possible

How Does It Help?

By taking a holistic approach to dentistry, your dentist shows an understanding of how oral health care can affect the rest of your body. For instance, gum disease has been linked to heart disease and other medical conditions. Untreated tooth infections can cause infections elsewhere. By considering your whole health profile, you get the dental care you need while feeling confident that it will also be beneficial to the rest of your body.

Holistic Methods of Improving Your Smile

Here is a list of some of the holistic treatments your Woodbury dentist may use to improve your smile with your overall health in mind:

  • Orthodontic procedures to ensure that your teeth and jaw are properly aligned
  • Careful removal of amalgam fillings that may contain mercury and replacement with an alternative filling material
  • Sleep apnea devices to help improve breathing and mouthguards to prevent nervous clenching at night
  • Dietary suggestions to help strengthen the bone in your teeth (calcium-rich foods) and promote good bacteria in the mouth (yogurt and other probiotic-rich foods)